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Member Map
« on: Friday, 03 August 2018, 11:11 am »
By request of ktmjunkie

To record (Pin) your location on the members map, hover over  Profile in the top menu of the site, scroll down and select forum profile.

Scrolling down on this screen you will see the member map section.
Enter your address and the map will centre you on that location. You can zoom in /out as needed.
To place your "Pin" just put your mouse where you want it and double click.

If you need to, you can move the pin, if it didn't end up quite where you wanted it.
You don't need to put it right on your house - anywhere in your suburb would be fine.

Don't forget to click Change profile in the bottom corner of the page, to save your changes.

Your pin will then display on the main member map page, in the top menu. :grin:

Any problems please post in the report problems forum. Cheers.
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