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Clock setting.


To have your forum clock = your actual local time, you have to do a tad of very easy maths.

Server time is GMT +10. (East Coast Australia)

You need to work out how many hours offset you need, so GMT would be  -10.

Now click on profile in the menu bar. Hover over modify profile, scroll down and choose look and layout.

In the time offset box, enter -10 and bam ! You're in London... :)

Don't forget to click change profile in the bottom right hand corner of the page, to save your changes.



Done that,  there's even an auto-detect available for the offset

about time blubber but your click will always be a hour out

His click? too much 'Allo 'Allo Seth :lol:

 is that why he alwsys arrives at the pub just as i go to the bar  :cheers:


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