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Issues Under Investigation 2017


Issue: 'contact admin' errors uploading some images from mobile devices
Status:  Attempted fix in place. Pending user feedback..

Issue: Picture sizing issues.
Status:  Complex, ongoing. Please read this thread

Issue: Member map not showing on members forum profile page (works otherwise)
Status:  Resolved. 31.01 

Issue: Facebook login / register not functioning
Status:  Resolved. 27.01 

Issue: Gallery bulk upload feature not working
Status: Resolved. 26.01

Issue: members unable to access galleries
Status: Resolved. 24.01

Issue: IP blocking occurring from some domains
Status: Resolved. 25.01

Issue: Max file size for attachments too small.
Status: Resolved.

wow this site is looking great, problems fixed straight away, love it. lets hope it stays that way



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