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Wanted - your photos for use as banner images

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First what, then why :)

What we are looking for please:

We'd like members to submit images which include their GSX1400 in some way.
Required size is 1200 wide x 200 pixels high. (to avoid stretching) ideally in .jpg format.

If you are providing a 'scenery with bike in it' pic, the bike needs to be in the right hand half of the image.
If it's a close up, then it can take up all the image space no worries.

Simply upload the image to this thread as an attachment please.

But do give some consideration to images that you may be able to offer.  :onya:


Well it's still a fair way off, but one of the things that needs to be developed for when the new version of the software comes on line is a theme.

A friend in the UK is working on this for me. Development and testing of the theme will take a while but the more material we have for it the better.

Oh and if anyone is a dab hand with photoshop (or similar)  and wants to do a 'abstract' background image (not a photo), let me know and I'll pass on what we need in that regard design wise.

Cheers all

Ya sure you want 1200 x 200?   Just changed one of my pic's to that & it stretched alright, unrecognisable. 

Ok, 1200 x 200 works, but ya have to select 'Maintain aspect ratio' else you'll get a real stretched pic.

Scratching me head on this, didn't work, then it did & now it doesn't again. 

Wee sample, first is the original pic,

Then 1200 x 200 (not maintained ratio) To maintain the ratio, you can't have 1200 x 200 format, it's either 1200 across OR 200 high, can't have both and maintain the original aspect ratio. (On this laptop anyway)

Then 1200 wide aspect ratio maintained

Then 200 high, aspect ratio maintained

I think it's the last version of the below you're needing, the one with '200' set as height.

That's right you need to crop a photo to those dimensions



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