Author Topic: 2 up for the first time  (Read 1556 times)

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Re: 2 up for the first time
« Reply #30 on: Wednesday, 25 December 2019, 08:21 am »
You`ve still not taken her out on it??! Aaaargh. Okay, first impressions count big time, so don`t even consider taking her out until the sun shines and its warm (that`ll be May then!), and take her somewhere of her choice. Already you`re halfway to success. Don`t over complicate things, just tell her to relax, sit still, go with the bike, and enjoy the experience. Tell her to give you a tap on the shoulder if she wants you to stop.

From your perspective, ride smoothly, and ensure that your tyres are set correctly - in my experience thats all that you need do. Don`t be tempted to fiddle with your suspension settings etc. it just isn`t worth it.

My wife has been riding pillion with me since 1975, (Kawasaki S3A 400 Triple), and still luvs every moment. Our `14 is her favourite bike so far in terms of comfort so from my point of view its a win, win!

Good luck.......

Enjoy yourselves and be safe.

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Re: 2 up for the first time
« Reply #31 on: Tuesday, 28 January 2020, 09:48 pm »
Took my bride out for her first pillion on the 1400 and my first as someone taking a pillion passenger.

I can only echo what others have said, weather has to be nice (so youre not stressing about wet roads or cross wind etc.)  I upped the preload on the rear to 2 rings visible (std is 1.5), and went to 3 after our first stop.  My lady is around 65kg with gear on.  2 rings felt too soft, 3 was a bit better, but i think this also highlighted that the suspension is nearly 18 years old...anyway....i digress...

Got her to hold onto the rear grab rail with one hand and me with the other, she was swapping over frequently as the ride went on.  I explained that if i need to brake suddenly, its better that shes holding onto the rear rail.

Got her to wear boots with heels, so she could lock them in on the rear foot pegs, she said this  gave her a much better stable position and didnt feel like she was going to fall / slide off.
I also fitted my ventura back pack rack thst gave some extra back support for her.

Didnt touch tyre pressures, i run 40 rear and 36 front as std.

Nice and easy, sweeping dry roads and frequently asking if all ok, or a reassuring tap on the leg.  No overtaking, sudden moves or hard braking/accelerating.  Benefit here is that use less fuel and we got to enjoy the pace.

We had a great day out, only did about 160km round trip, but the best thjng is that she said she would go out again, and even comtemplating a bike holiday.

Thats a win in my books.  Im hoping some things of our recent experience are useful for you.
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Re: 2 up for the first time
« Reply #32 on: Tuesday, 28 January 2020, 10:26 pm »
Three years ago the new "future ex" said she would like to have a go as a pillion. We had a chat about what I wanted her to do..I.E lean with the bike etc.
I picked a warm day and a short route. I took it very easy and we stopped at a riverside pub and had a great meal then returned home. She loved it. Slowly over the next few months we went out more and I opened the bike up a bit more.
Now three years later she loves it. She has even commented when stuck behind a car on a twisty road that I should of passed it quicker as it spoilt her enjoyment of the twisty,s. As it is cold wet over here in Blighty at moment she even said the other day she can't wait for the better weather as she is missing the bike. She even wants to go on a touring holiday this summer.

One word of caution...I bought an intercom so that if needed she could let me know when she needed to stop etc. It ended up her wanting to chat about "stuff". That's why I go out on the bike to get away from "stuff" Now we just rely on hand signals etc.
So taking it easy at first and slowly building it up has paid dividends in the end.

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Re: 2 up for the first time
« Reply #33 on: Wednesday, 29 January 2020, 02:23 am »
Granty, agreed. You cannot have stuff fed into the helmet, it's goes against the laws of nature (and motorcycling)
Always looking for the next corner.

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Re: 2 up for the first time
« Reply #34 on: Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 07:31 pm »
Tiz a lucky man whose other half is happy on the back of a motorcycle. My intercom is playing up. Think a wire is coming out. l actually miss it not working properly. The bride has never been one that needs to fill a silence. We point things out to each other. l don't always see much other than what concerns me or what is in front of us.
l have said hang on a couple of times when l've needed to try and really stand the bike on its nose. She travels a lot with her hands in her lap or on her knees. Have said never panic if you cant get the rail just slump into me and l will brace myself and hold her up but once there hold onto me.
Riding in the rain is a real test of both rider and pillion. We have ridden in torrential rain for 6 hours up the West Coast of the South Island of NZ. lts twisty, in places steep and very beautiful. We were loaded to the hilt as we were on the road for a month. lts important to ride smooth and be consistent. We often reflect on our time away in the South lsland.
If you are planning your first trip away with your other half a word on packing. Make sure when you leave home you have spare room in your luggage. lt takes too long to pack everything away into every tiny little crevice every morning before you set off again.
Then just enjoy making some really cool memories together on your 14.
Another great day on the right side of the grass.😎

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Re: 2 up for the first time
« Reply #35 on: Thursday, 13 February 2020, 07:40 am »
Im lucky, my wife is Filipino and she was riding pillion before she could walk or had been in a car. I have to check to make sure she is still there sometimes and she has fallen asleep on the back before...