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I'll post below regarding changes that are pending, and changes that have occurred.

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SMF Core - Modifications


28.01 Installed Member Map
26.01 Installed Like Posts
26.01 Installed Sortable Packages (and Installed Time)
26.01 Installed Automatic Attachment Rotation
24.01 Installed EzPortal
24.01 Uninstalled TinyPortal
24.01 Installed Downloads System
24.01 Installed Responsive Curve Theme
23.01 Installed Social Login
23.01 Installed Yet Another YouTube BBCode Tag
23.01 Installed SMF Gallery Pro
23.01 Uninstalled SMF Gallery Lite  :)
22.01 Installed SMF Gallery Lite
21.01 Installed TinyPortal
20.01 Forum Created

various subsequent changes 2017-18 which I neglected to note, and


09.07 Uninstalled TapaTalk  - click for more info
Uninstaled Social Login (for security reasons)


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