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Started by VladTepes, Monday, 31 July 2017, 04:50 PM

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The forum classifieds are offered as a free service to members.

There are three sections available:

  • UK: For Sale / Wanted
  • AUS-NZ: For Sale / Wanted
  • Everywhere else: For Sale / Wanted

Please use the appropriate section, and do not post the same ad in multiple places.

When creating the thread, there is a requirement to use a THREAD PREFIX
Please use one of the following, as relevant: For Sale, Wanted, Swap, Free.

Once the item has been sold, or the ad is otherwise not required - please modify your original post and change the prefix to one of the following: Sold, Found, Withdrawn.

An admin will then lock or delete the topic. 

This helps to keep the classifieds section clean so current ads are more obvious.

You can also use the thread prefix filter to find posts of a particular category
see this thread for details.

Please note that any threads which have had no reply for >3 months will be deleted, again in the interests of keeping the sale forums 'fresh'.

Please don't "bump" your ad any more often than every 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to give a price?

A: Please, where possible, give a price.  "Make an offer" usually ends up with someone feeling insulted or low-balled.  If you are unsure how much to ask, have a  look on ebay etc and price it lower than that !  You can always change the price later.  This is not mandatory.

Q: Should I say where the items are located?

A: Yes please.  Your forum profile should include your general location/country but it is also a good idea to list the general area in your ad, especially where you are happy for people to pick up the item if they buy it.

Q: Am I allowed to link to external ads?

A: Laziness CAN be a virtue.  If the ad is yours (eg on ebay or bikesales or gumtree or wherever), you can certainly post a link to it.  It will increase your chance of success if you offer some detail as to what the ad is for, allowing people to click on the link only if it interests them.  Please use your common sense. 
Oh and don't forget to come back later and mark the classifieds ad as sold or withdrawn.

Any questions or concerns, please ask.

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