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Picture display possibility - feedback sought please

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The admin of another motorcycle forum (of which I am a mod) has graciously granted us a temporary login so that we can see the picture management on posts in a couple of areas of that forum.

I'd appreciate if people could have a look at the following forum, view a few posts where people have attached photos and provide me with some feedback as to whether they'd prefer that approach to be in place on this forum.

Essentially attachments are shown as thumbnails below the posts, they can be clicked on to view larger and then viewed in a  slide-show format  (forward and back arrows to flick through them)

I also would like people to do this from mobile devices, as well as their desktops, to let me know how / if it works for them.


Forum link:
Login Name:  Forum Visitor
Password:  V1s1t0r!!     (password is case sensitive)

Please ensure you log out afterwards so others can check too.

Please respect the courtesy given us and not spread this login info any wider than here.  Thanks.

These are the threads to look at: and

Also, a mobile theme is active on the forum, you might need to go to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Go to the full site' link to view the photos using FancyBox. (the attachment software in question)

Mmmmm.... Forum username does not exist?  From iPad ...

looks good
got in from my samsung S5
didnt see many posts as wasnt totally sure what i was looking for.
anyway the ones i did that have pics looked good as pics were easy to see at the size shown in the post and could be clicked on to see them bigger .
is this what i was supposed to be checking and if so would be great for here as pics in posts can be to big here to see the whole thing .

hope that makes sence.

i logged in
user name cap F&V in Forum.  Vistor
and the 2 !! in the password.     V1s1t0r!!


Ok... got in...I really must pay more attention to instructions :lol:

Looked at the gallery and also some pics in post.  Both looked good. Thumbprints in post looked fine when double clicked... perfectly viewable on iPad.

Thank you.  Keep it coming.

At this time I have no intentions to change the gallery- its working pretty fine.. it's the attachments that appear to be causing issues especially for mobile device users.


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