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Started by VladTepes, Friday, 17 February 2017, 10:31 AM

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@mention allows you to tag other members via @<username>.
- The mentions show up under the user Profile.
- You can set it up to be notified via e-mail, if you want to. (Default = no email)
- The feature will also show suggestions while mentioning in posts as well as via quick reply.

Q: Why would I want this?
A:  You may be trying to attract a particular members attention to a post or thread. Perhaps you know that person has done something on their bike, that you are also considering, but they haven't yet participated in the thread.  This is a lot quicker and easier than PM'ing them to draw their attention to the thread.

Q: Sounds cool, but what if people over-use it?
A: Yes if everyone uses it all the time, for no good reason, then the useful function will be lost in the 'junk' notifications.  In which case we (forum admin) will consider removing this feature.  So please don't abuse it. :)

So, how does it work?

You simply type an @symbol in front of a member's username.

They will be notified of the mention through the forum (and, if they elect to do so, via email).

As stated earlier, when using this in a post, the system will offer suggestions which can be useful especially with long usernames, or usernames with symbols included.

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Just tested it,

It works (including the e-mail notification)  :onya:


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