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Pretty disc set up

Started by seth, Saturday, 12 October 2019, 11:32 PM

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Is it maybe just wrong side out ?  :doh: :facepalm: :frustrated: :whatever:
Best allrounder I've ever owned 👍


I've never had mine off, but is it possible to mount them successfully either way?  :whatever:
😎  Always looking for the next corner.  😎


Quote from: KiwiCol on Tuesday, 15 October  2019, 01:56 AM
I've never had mine off, but is it possible to mount them successfully either way?  :whatever:

You could Col but with a machined face on one side and counterbored mounting holes on the other you'd have to be a dill to get it wrong. This photo is an OEM back rotor. In my original post the back rotor is after market Japanese.
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Quote from: seth on Monday, 14 October  2019, 07:19 PM
Not particularly @grog
A different thread went way off topic into this direction so thought I'd start a thread for folk to show the many different disc set ups available for our bikes .
As for disc's themselves the options are
Round ,Semi-wavey and
Wavey discs.
There are many manufacturers of disc with varing claims on performance.
They also vary across a wide price range.

Hope this helps

Just 1 thing to add front and rear discs are the same part number across all years of gsx1400 and the fronts are also used by other Suzuki models (never checked the rears for other models using them)
Seth :cheers:

From memory of threads on the old Org, the rear disc is unique to 14s.


EBC part number MD3083
And as @Hooli says when i checked these disc's only fit the gsx1400 (all years the same)
only a slightly modified gsx1400
oh and a standard one too

Sethbot Postwhore


The Previous owner put a Black Shadow rear disc on Sophie.
I prefer the standard one to be honest.
Eventually I shall return to standard.


Shall be returning to standard faster than I thought.
Thanks Seth

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