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Noisy brakes.....

Started by DP1400, Sunday, 27 October 2019, 06:58 AM

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Forgive me for opening another topic on a subject previously discussed, but i hope the following helps:
I`m running with EBC MD3058X rotors (they really look the part!) and EBC Double H sintered pads on the front. The set-up really works well, but, I do sometimes get that `clicking` noise coming from the front end under braking. I know i`m not alone with this issue, but wanted to stress that it is nothing to be concerned about. The noise is created by the `floating` nature of the rotors and bobbins once brake pad pressure is applied. In effect, its the noise made by the bobbins working! For those in any doubt, check out the EBC website where this is fully explained. In addition, don`t spend hours trying to clean the bobbins - its simply not neccessary and can do more harm than good.
Out of interest, i`m wondering whether anyone running with standard rotors experiences the same noise? 


Yes, my standard discs/brakes make a loud clicking noise at times.  I used to get it with the 6 pot calipers and it still happens with the 4 pot Tokico's. I have cleaned the bobbins in the past..sometimes it helps and sometimes not. I have noticed that the inboard pad on both calipers is fairly loose and rattles a bit. With EBC HH pads fitted it still stops well.
Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!


Few years ago i bought EBC sintered, lasted/ put up with 300ks,so noisy  tossed them in rubbish bin.I bought because so many recos on this site.  Replaced with Metal Gear, never been a problem.


I too found EBC pads extremely noisy with clicking on the front. It's like they were physically too small within the calliper.
Like Grog I ended up throwing mine away. I replaced with genuine Suzuki pads front and rear.
They were that bad I refrained from using the front brake when approaching other bikers at the meets I attend.
I did wonder if they were Chinese copies (they copy everything else!).
At the moment I still have Suzuki pads installed. When these are worn I have a full set of SBS pads ready to install. I had these on a previous bike and found them excellent in all respects.



EBC HH here. They did click when new. Can't say when they stopped doing that, but all quiet for long time now.

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