MCR10 Ride the Oxley Highway Wauchope 2018

Started by Bov, Monday, 30 October 2017, 09:25 AM

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Our 10th Annual MCR has been booked and will this year be held in Wauchope NSW, Home of the Magical Oxley Highway

Venue: Timbertown Resort & Motel

230 High Street, Wauchope NSW 2446
Phone: (02) 6586 0699

Dates: Friday 9th - Sunday 11th November 2018


Friday: Arrive at Timbertown Motel meet and greet Then Dinner & Drinks at the Bago Tavern 5 mins walk

Saturday: Meet for Breakfast at Curlys Cafe then Ride around The OX then back to the Bago Tavern for Dinner and Drinks

Sunday: Breakfast @ Curlys and head for Home

Room Prices: $110 Double/Queen,  $120 Twin  $140 for 3 sharing

There are also 2 Cabins available with a Queen and 2 sets of bunks Sleeps 5 $145

No Deposit required to book, just pay on arrival.

We have secured 10 rooms in the Motel which have been reserved under Suzuki Club

To Book:

1. Please call (02) 6586 0699
2. Tell them your part of the Suzuki club and ask to be booked into one of our reserved rooms.

3. Please post on this thread the Room Number booked and who is sharing with you so we can track who's coming and how many rooms are left.

4. Turn up and enjoy

Rooms are on a first in basis and there maybe more available if required but as usual I would urge people to book ASAP to avoid disappointment. At this time bookings are still open, act now !

As usual this event is open to all members of this forum, GSX1400 facebook members, and their friends/family.

Hope as many as possible will make this event and look forward to seeing you there.  :cheers:

1. VladTepes
2. Bov
6. GSX3. Room is a queen + single. On my own if anyone wants to share a room.
unknown room #  Beaker
unknown room #  GSXKING
unknown room #  Boof
unknown room #  Auzzy grunt master
unknown room # Rocket Ron + 1
unknown room # Black14
unknown room # Glen Cochrane

Rooms now all booked, however some people may still be OK to share a room so there is still time.

Irish in Oz

Did the Oxley last week and will be doing it again in a fortnight.
I won't be able to make it next year, I hope Rogues can lol.


Gonna miss your dry humour Jeff.
Have fun in the old country.



Think I mentioned it Bov, but I can't make it, as I will be in Hong Kong for work.
Leaving on Sat & same time every year.


As Arnie in Terminator said "I'll be baarrk"  :rofl2: :rofl2: Looking forward to it already  :coffeescreen: :coffeescreen:
Best allrounder I've ever owned 👍



OK sorted - I'll be in room 1.

I created a page here:

Bov - let me know if you want any changes etc.


Vlad's K7 "Back in Black"

As a Pink Floyd fan, I get annoyed when I see vegetarians eating pudding.

YouTubeLandyVlad Rides



Will post this up on the facebook site for those without org access

Irish in Oz

Catty and myself checked it out yesterday on the way through Wauchope. Accommodation looks modern, Pub looks OK  and the cafe looks small but a stone throw from where you are staying.


Stayed at the timbertown a number of times jeff. On par on price with most other places in town but far nicer. The pub across the road is a real bonus, big quality meals with an outdoor area too.
Dunno about the cafe but its convenient.......


C'mon people we are on the downhill run to this even... just five months. 
So who's in ?!

According to the OP only Bov and I have booked so far? Surely that's not right... ?
Vlad's K7 "Back in Black"

As a Pink Floyd fan, I get annoyed when I see vegetarians eating pudding.

YouTubeLandyVlad Rides


If it's just the 2 of you, perhaps you could bunk up at Rogues place?
😎  Always looking for the next corner.  😎


It is still 5 months I am quite confident there will be more people! Just wiondering if anyone else has 'booked' a room. If so let me and Bov know and I'll add it to the OP.
Vlad's K7 "Back in Black"

As a Pink Floyd fan, I get annoyed when I see vegetarians eating pudding.

YouTubeLandyVlad Rides

Irish in Oz


I have done it a couple of times now, but i know you have probably lost count of the times you have done it now Jeff. Great bit of road & good to do it both ways if you can while you are there.

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