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clutch push rod seal (crankcase)

Started by muzza55, Friday, 28 February 2020, 12:04 PM

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Good work @muzza55 let's hope this works in the long term

Something here you might consider to further safeguard
Nothing to do.............all day to do it....I love retirement :lol:


I am glad it works.  :onya:

Lots of contact area for the urethane-seal bonding. That bodes well.

I put a lump of grease where the pushrod enters the seal to keep the grime out and thus prevent the seal from wearing. Same on the other end (clutch slave cylinder. End of season the grease was still there AND hardly any dirt on it. Attribute that to using gear oil for the chain (only riding in dry conditions as well :grin: ). It hardly flings off. So far Liqui Moly Hypoid-Gear oil (GL 5 ) SAE 85W-90 works best. Can't get the one that Grog uses  :grin: Tried other gear oil and chain saw oil but they don't work nearly as well.

Anyway, keep that pushrod area clean to avoid having to do that job again.



Quote from: gsxbarmy on Sunday, 01 March  2020, 02:58 PM
Good work @muzza55 let's hope this works in the long term

Something here you might consider to further safeguard
g'day friends, just a quick update on the fix.
It has been 2 weeks since doing this fix, (some may call it a bodge) and I would like say that in that time not one drop has appeared   :boogie: and that is even after a 3 day spirited ride over one of our favourite mountain roads consisting of over 300 corners and 1500 klm's,  I will keep you posted from time to time or if it does indeed let go.
Cheers, muzza.


Muzza, good old Aussie fix. Love your work. Fit that Busa seal to slave end, gear oil as Andre said, far away best n easiest, cheapest  chain lube.Youve nailed it mate. Keep that pushrod clean and lube seal as manual says, grease n oil mix. 


Hi guys, Its been a long time since i have been on here because the old girls as solid as a solid thing. I have this here problem and cant find the gasket for the out side of the case anywhere. I got the internal seal part no 0985 06015 hoping that it was the right one and its huge! I have tried Robinsons and but i cant seem to find it and what little hair i do have is getting yanked out in had fall's.  I am loathed to split the lump ( no room and lack of funds don't help! ). Advice on getting the old seal out would be very appreciated as well. Thanks in advance chaps.,,,,,,,,,,, or do i adjust to fit?????

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