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Head Stock Dimensions

Started by froudy, Saturday, 25 September 2021, 05:55 PM

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A quick favour please.
A guy on the Suzuki Bandit forum intends putting a GSX1400 complete front end on a Mk1 1200 Bandit and has asked for advice. I've checked bearing dimensions top and bottom and they are the same for both bikes. What I need to know please if someone could kindly take a measurement is dimension "A" in the photo in mm.

Many thank you's :onya:
Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!

Eric GSX1400K3

200mm on my K3 Froudy.

Can't seem to upload an image atm.
I try to take one day at a time, however sometimes several days catch up with me at once.


Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!

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