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External fuel filter

Started by grog, Thursday, 23 February 2017, 09:03 PM

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Quote from: northern on Monday, 23 July  2018, 06:57 AM
Any other proposals for external filter?
@Andre share this DeatschWerks filter- but it's quite big and I can't find it in Europe.

@RickC  share filter what is only 30μ, may be it's enough, but I like to belive 10μ is better...

Any other options?
Hi Northern,
There are a few other filters listed if you go through the VStrom thread,6105.0.html


Hi Rick,
Will read this VStrom thread more (never get past the first page :) )

For a moment, I install on my bike MANN-FILTER MWK 44 (analog of MAHLE KL145) - standart filter for some BMW, Triumph and some other european bikes. Cost me 10.41€
But unfortunately I was not able to fit it under the tank, so it's looking not good:

But this is IN-TANK filter, and I'm thinking of possibilities to install it inside the tank, instead of OEM filter solution. The bigget issue is to fit all this throw the pump mount hole in the tank...

Another solution I'm seriously considering GOLAN MINI, filter. But there is an issue, I could not find AN6 option (out of stock everywhere and GOLAN web page is down...) There is AN4 option, but then there is no AN4 to 8mm adapter (fuel rail) and there have to be additional adapters...
There is also 5/16 filter option... But AN fittings looking better  :drool:

So - decisions, decisions... But so fare I have filter under my seat  :)


Most importantly: your bike is running top :onya:

Looked at the Golan a while back (last year), web site was nonfunctional as it is now. Well, you do get listings from various other websites from there about all kind of stuff.

What is the issue with the fitting of the Mann? I assume it's about no right angles for the filter-hose connection. Or is the diameter to large too?


MAN (MAHLE) filter barrel is Ø50mm x 58mm with 18mm fittings on both sides.
It may be possible to fit it right after the tank output but I'm not sure fuel hose will bend properly on such small distance. it would be better to use hard 90° fitting, but when I was trying I use ~10cm hose between output and filter there was no space between tank and air-box.


Thank you @northern

I looked at this closer today and I couldn't see how to even fit a 50 diameter filter. 40 at the max. Don't know how I got to think 50 mm would work.

Looking at a filter right now and shot a few questions to the seller. Will see. I don't get why they generally skimp on info that is essential IMO. Guess they don't bother with the cheaper ones.


Just had look at my set up, been a while. No 90 degree bends , all straight. My filter fits under tank hold down bracket, front behind frame rail, rear just in front of air filter. Hoses not overly bent. From memory, tank up and only a couple of trials to get it right.


Anything longer than the filter I use & the bends might be tight.
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Thanks Snapey. A pic says more than ...

I assume it's the PFE610-05 Proflow filter!? What is its length (with and without barbs)?


@Snapey  - this is nice solution, if only filter will fit in. You just cut OEM line to install filter inline?

I was thinking try fit filter more close to pump, maybe using 90° OEM line connection...

Anyway - find and ordered on eBay Golan Mini filter with 8mm fittings (eBay item number:331587160750). It's barrel should be Ø38mm .
Thx to @grog , who post this option here


So, my idea from previous post, will not work.
On a picture, ruler is almost at the same place on a frame and tank. There is no place for filter, if it's barrel is bigger then Ø40mm... Golan should be 1.5'' - there is a slight chance it will fit there.

Also, OEM fuel line fitting could be reused with 8mm (5/16'') fuel hose. Just have to carefully cut it from OEM plastic line.


Northern, think i did use original fitting at front now youve jogged my memory. Filter will fit just behind frame tube on rhs of first pic. One going across.

Eric GSX1400K3

Interesting mod, will have a look how my HP in tank filter is looking after 35,000km and 15 years ( to my knowledge it's never been changed).

If this is a mod that only costs around 50 to 100 bucks it's worth doing.  Also like the idea of easy access and regular cleaning / replacement.

Found this on line:

"Resistance to Fuel Contamination - Quality of the Medium. Dirt particles and contaminants in fuel
represent a potential danger to the fuel injectors. They are to be avoided in order to preserve the correct
function of the injectors. The dirt content in the fuel system must therefore be minimized via a suitable
filter. Recommended filter quality: nominal rating 5µ, minimum 82% capture efficiency according to ISO/TR
19438; dirt particles >35µ are not permissible. The basket filter in the injector serves only to catch
residual particles. Nonconformance of the recommended filter quality can cause damage to and failure of
the components"

Basically Bosch recommends 5 to 8 micron pre injector filters.

Interestingly they also mention that Stainless steel filter elements rated at 10 micron allow up to 25 micron particles through.

Website is:

I try to take one day at a time, however sometimes several days catch up with me at once.


Interesting article. 5 micron for direct injection and 10 micron for the older type injectors (our 14) has been recommended by various sources. As to the SS disc type, 2 days ago I have seen a clogged one (Golan) where the disc had "collapsed". Another person had this happen too. However, the collapsing of these filter elements happend in high powered cars with high flow fuel pumps.

This led me to get a Mahle KL 145. It's the equivalent of the Mann MWK 44. These are direct replacements for BMW, Triumph, Ducati, and others. Triumph is said to use these, puts their name on it and sells them for big money.

Interesting bit about the filter placement as close to the fuel rail as possible when using rubber hoses. Have to revisit my placement (behind right side panel).

Eric GSX1400K3

I like Mann filters, I use Mann fuel filters in my LR D4.  Had a quick google and found these 10 micron IND line filters ""

Dimensions seem OK, but I haven't tried to look for a spot to put it. 

I will also have a look at the Mahle KL145.
I try to take one day at a time, however sometimes several days catch up with me at once.


I wanted the Mann filter but the local guy around the corner could only get the equivalent Mahle.

Before I do the mod I will first try to give the HP filter a good cleaning and retest the flow. I had 950 ml in 30 seconds, which is 20 % shy of the 1200 ml it should have.

Even though the filter and the hose will fit under the RH side panel, it will be a hassle to take the tank off. Not a nice looking fitting that northern did with the filter under the seat, but I like the ease when taking the tank off.

If cleaning will not give me the results I want, filter will likely go under the seat. If I like it, it will stay there unless it will give me a hassle with taking the battery out. If, at the end I am not satisfied with any solution, I get the original replacement when the budget allows.

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