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Show us ya... cars !

Started by VladTepes, Sunday, 19 February 2017, 09:24 AM

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Following from the what else floats your boat thread, I thought I'd make a thread so we could show of our cars / car history.

I'm a bit of a Land Rover Man...

In order...

My First  Defender - a 110 tray back from 1992  (200Tdi engine)

Then I bought this as well... 1994 Range Rover Vogue LSE  (3.9l V8)

Had air suspension (which worked), all the fruit, but it drank a LOT.

When the (ex) missus needed to drive to work a longer distance the RR was sending us broke so I sold it (worst vehicle regret) and the Defender 110 and bought a Defender 130 dual cab.

(bought her some Citroen thingy too, but who cares, right)

My 1994 Defender 130 300Tdi - later known as "Rolly"

(pictured here at the Fraser Island clean-up)

In due course I found rust and other damage to Rolly, which was beyond my economical capacity / financial reach to repair.

Bought a 1995 Discovery 300Tdi (last of the series 1's)

Didn't keep that too long, wasn't a fan.

Mrs Vlad then said I could get another Defender so...

1995 Defender 130  300Tdi.

and I've still got it !   :boogie:

Edit: tagging @Bielie45 as you'll be interested in this :) :onya:
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The MGs - should never have sold the bue C Roadster
The Beamer
The Sport Trac
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My old Challenger that I loved but it was horrendous on fuel and my 1.9 tdi that has 185 brake and has great MPG tons of torque and Im quite partial to it as well

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My 245bhp of silliness Astra VXR :imrgreen:

Vlad...My eldest daughter is into Landies too..This is hers.
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This was my last Volvo a 760 V6, a pukka survivor car totally unrestored I bought it off the previous owner who'd had it over 20 years, full service history from new and one very well cared for car. I never really did much to it other than service it, clean it and put alot of petrol in it, I was gutted when I had to scrap it though but the ignition switch shorted out and fried nearly all the wiring putting it way beyond any economical repair.

My favourite one though was the 740 rat car, cost me £330 with 8 months MOT and we had it for about 5 years until it lost it's oil pressure and had to be scrapped  :bugga: Never have I had so much fun at so little cost than customising this with whatever I had to hand or could scrounge  :)

I made a new headlining out of old t shirts and gaffer tape

More t shirts and a couple of haloween masks became seat covers

Tax disc holder was made from cardboard, lolly stick, sellotape and a novelty turd which also summed up my view of road tax  ;)

and last but not least was the free green exterior finish supplied by Mother Nature


Recently got rid of this lovely old AJ6 Jag, it was immaculate, also the RR  P38, also immac, we also had 'his & hers' Smarts, had them both chipped as well!!
The downsized fleet now consists of the motorhome ( we're old )  another Smart for 'er-indoors, & a Passat for me.
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a picture of my 65bhp corolla. id be laughed out of town. what a great car, cold a/c, good stereo. my golf clubs fit. even gsx14 bits fit. very limited in my choice of drag races from lights, can eat a beatle, sometimes. i think i rev it more than my bike. love it to death.  :lol:


Haven't got all photo's of our cars, only in recent yrs....the Alfa Romeo 146Ti and Fiat Punto SE were when we lived in the Isle of Man and the other 2 are of our 2014 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Tdi 1.6 special edtion and our present car Volvo V40 R Design in Polestar Blue.....2.0 Tdi...



Lawrie i love that Jag.

I much preferred my soft dash LSE to a P38 but each to his own.
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As a Pink Floyd fan, I get annoyed when I see vegetarians eating pudding.

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We were running two cars I had a Honda civic in electric blue  and the misses had a merc 220 sports in grey   
But we sold them brought the ford kuga has everything you need for comfort. And I've got my 1400 so all good  :onya:
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Well here's my last 3 babies
Mitsubishi Evo X FQ330 SST
Audi S3
Audi RSQ3 Competition
Nothing to do.............all day to do it....I love retirement :lol:


So, heres a few photos of cars I have owned in the last 15 or so years :
1. 1989 Volvo 740 turbo.
2. 1985 BMW M535i.
3. 1983 Mercedes AMG SEC 500.
4. 2003 Mercedes E500 Avantgard ..

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Currently have Jag XF 3.0 Diesel in the U.K. And Jeep Liberty 3.7 Petrol in the USA


Got three cars...
First is a 2011 Mitsubishi Triton...our main car. Turbo diesel with a five speed auto...fantastic car on and off road.

Second car is a 1982 RA60 Celica I've owned for about 9 years now. Great little car, bought when I had to go away from our old home town to drive training school for driving the coal trains I drive every day. One owner car, genuine little old lady owner, only had 80,000km on it when we bought it. Two liter, five speed manual, factory air con, factory tint. Fitted some Supra alloy wheels and it's got a sweet handling chassis and is fantastic to chuck around on a twisty road.

The last one is a '74 Valiant Charger...I had one back when I was 18 in 1983, and kicked myself every single day since then for selling it a year later. I turned fifty in 2015, and the missus said "Why not buy another one? We're in a position now where we can afford it, and the longer you leave it the more expensive it gets.", so we started looking. Found this one which had a few lazy rust repairs done but lots of rebuilt and new parts...a rebuilt 245 hemi six, new brakes, new tyres, new radiator, etc. Needed a repaint but who cares? I had a Charger again! It's in what turned out to be a rare colour...the eye-searing "Green Go"...which was apparently only available from Chrysler Australia that one year in 1974, and only used on about 400 cars.  It's under the house now getting ready for paint to get rid of the sad faded beauty it is now...

The last photo is just a great shot I took when I was visiting my best friend down on the Sunshine Coast...on the way back from her place is a lookout over the Glasshouse Mountains...amazing spot.
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HEY CHARGER !!!!  Nice car mate. Can't lose that one in a car park eh.

Yep that view looks familiar...

Vlad's K7 "Back in Black"

As a Pink Floyd fan, I get annoyed when I see vegetarians eating pudding.

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