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Adjust your TPS

Started by gsxbarmy, Monday, 06 February 2017, 12:30 AM

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Just ordered one of those QM1321 meters, will pick it up this afternoon.  I'll have a play with the original TPS & see what this one reads it at.  I'll let you know what I get.
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Well, got the new meter & guess what?  It's got a different reading on the resistance than my old meter. Checked the original TPS & it's fine! Just could have done with some adjustment, but the readings I got said it was shot, hence I brought a new TPS.
Min reading was .511 & max was 4.94, so the scope for 1.1 - 4.6 is certainly avail on my 'old' TPS. Now I've got 2 of them! 

Will have to set the one on the bike now as it was just 'wound' round as far as it would go, so room for improvement there then. Bit too cold & wet to be bothered going out to the shed tonight, it'll wait till a warmer afternoon / evening.

So, all's well that ends well. I've now got 2 meters & 2 TPS's.  Thanks for the tip on the new meter Grog, it's a 'meaty' lump isn't it. Hell of a lot more functions than I'm ever gonna use though. Got it for just under $50 on this side of the ditch.

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BTW, the old meter is being consigned to the bin. I've had it 25 + years & it's done me well (till now) but it's had it's day & I can't rely on it any more.
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well done Col, prob solved. they are a bloody good meter, might surprise you what uses it comes helpful in. 1/8 price of fluke and ive found mine totally reliable. bounces round all day in my ute and still going. someone on forum was looking to buy tps. even with post still something back. about tps, you prob. already know. block off pairs intake near air box,ride till hot, and set idle exact 1100revs, then set tps exact 1100 ohms. tps cheat on grey plug is so easy. tell me how sweet it rides, mine is so perfect, been same maybe 5 yrs. makes them so smooth. i just re checked tps, hasnt changed in all that time. just re checked throttle cables, havent changed. tight as you can without revs changing lock to lock on bars. such a sweet bike. fast or slow.


The pairs system is blocked off there all the time. Yep, I'll be doing it on the grey plug & probably do the stps as well since it's the same plug. Got some cree running lights that need fitting, so the tank'll be off to do the wiring, might wait & do it all at once, just waiting on a switch for the lights.
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Checked it tonight after a good warm up. 1111ohms at closed but only 2745 at wot? & this is the new tps. Bike still runs fine though.  Read somewhere it was more important to get the lower one right than the higher one, but how much out?
I guess if it's running fine & pulls consistently & evenly right through to red, well, can't be too much wrong then.
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When I tested the STPS I had a similar difference for the max the value given in the service manual. Everything ran fine though. Let me to check the output voltage of the STPS. Found it to be right in Spec. The control unit doesn't care about the resistance as it uses the voltage to make its decisions.

Haven't done the WOT readings on the TPS but assume it will show the correct voltage as everything works fine. My bet is that we have found another mistake in the manual.


still strange to my thoughts. mine gets all correct values, volts, ohms. both sensors. if its going perfect, dont worry. if its not broke, dont fix it. fill her up and just ride.


Quote from: RickC on Monday, 20 March  2017, 10:07 PM
The check above is a basic extract from the workshop manual.

AlfaDave from the old forum suggested a couple of tweeks on this procedure.

1. Remove seat and LH side cover.
2. Disconnect large grey connector from under LH side cover.
3. Measure resistance between pins as shown on the top connector as per picture.
4. Resistance at closed throttle should be 1100 ohms or 1.1 Kohms, throttle fully open should be 4300 ohms or 4.3 Kohms.
5. Loosen the two anti tamper screws on the LH TPS and adjust to bring resistance into range (the bottom value is more important than the top value).
6. Set RPM to 1100 (manual) or 1200 (AlfaDave).

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) gives an electrical representation of where the throttle is (1100 ohms closed), the TPS is a variable resistor which has  a wiper arm moving over a coil of resistive wire, if the TPS is not correct fuelling is adjusted by the electrical position which differs the real mechanical position of the throttle and causes numerous running problems.

I had adjusted the cables a while ago and still had a harsh pick up after deceleration, did this check and adjustment today and it is like a different bike, smooth and even acceleration. thanks.


well done mate. when you get everything adjusted on 14 its a sweet/smooth ride. once done ive found it stays same for a very long time. when i first got mine, yrs ago, it had been fully serviced by suzuki dealer. i thought it would be perfect. wrong. so many adjusts were way out. forks were even diff. one side to the other. tps was reading 1800 at closed. worst thing, terrible really, one caliper bolts werent even tightened. listen to blokes on here, talented bunch. follow advice. grab some spanners, sockets etc, a six pack of beer, sit down one arvo, check every nut n bolt. a writing pad is handy, amazing what little mods you want after a few coldies. i like doing this and certainly gives peace of mind that all is well.


"Full Service", what a misnomer! The glas is at most half full.

In a vehicle still under warranty, a full service is adequate, if done complete and correct. The older the vehicle gets, the more "full" needs to be replaced with minimal. In case of motorcycle even more though. If you don't do the needed work yourself, you need a thick wallet (and still can't be sure to have the work done well).


hi folks checked my tps with sidecover method and get 1.2k ohms at idle and only 2.5 fully open
any suggestions ?


Ian, look above at my reply #35.  I've got similar readings with a new TPS. Bike runs fine though. 
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Good Day Gentlemen

Just checked the TPS on me Bike using the pins on the big grey block - now I generally run my bike with a tick over close to a 1000rpm - and therefore forgot to set the the tick over to 1100 rpm as the how to states . . . . my bad  :confused1:

initial checking showed the TPS to be at 1156 ohm with the throttle closed and fully open was only getting a reading of 2550 ohms - so I adusted to 1200 ohms and still only 2550 ohms fully open

question - is there an issue that will need to be looked into with the TPS only showing 2550 ohms fully open

Cheers Del

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As long as everything runs fine I wouldn't worry about it. See previous posts, especially Col's. I think that the manual is wrong (again  :thumbs_down: )

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