Who fancies a 24 litre (5.25 UK gallon) tank

Started by Speedy1959, Monday, 25 September 2017, 04:02 AM

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I have done this mod to quite a few bikes now..
The picture will utter forth what I did...
Before any of you start telling me I shouldn't do that cos of fuel expansion on a hot day, I say unto thee...
I only brim it when I am actually setting off on a decent ride.

Initially I jammed a piece of foam into the neck, then using an electricians screw driver and a hammer I punched the hole through.. It doesnt take that much force I can assure you..
Then I used a decent sized phillips (pozidrive) screw driver and hammered that through the same hole. Then gently rive the screw driver back and forth to slightly elongate the hole. Dont use a drill as you dont want metal filings falling in the tank.
I suggest the hole is made on the right side of the filler neck (as seen from seating position) so that when your bike is on the side stand the hole is upper most.

The whole point of this exercise is that its normally not practical to fill up more than the bottom of the filler tube because there is an air lock..
Putting the hole where I suggested releases the air and gains you 2.1 litres (and yes...I did measure the extra). In my case thats around 20 miles !

Obviously you have the choice to fill to the normal level if you think your bike will be left in the sun.

The photo is taken from a low angle.. Under normal viewing angles you can barely see the hole.

Went on a "brisk" ride today with some mates that ride a fair bit quicker than I normally do...
145 miles on 13.2 litres of fuel works out at just over 50mpg (UK)
I am well chuffed with that..
I am certain I could get 53 - 55mpg if I was riding in a more sedate manner.

Tony Nitrous

Certainly interesting!
I will give this some thought.

One of the reasons I like the 14 is the tank range.
I often do 307K's (190 miles) between two of the petrol stations I use.
I'd be happy to extend this.

My other bike (B-King) only takes 16.5 ltrs and is much worse.

I'll admit its a new one to me Speedy.


mmmmm. . . . . .  I can see where this could be useful stops that 20 pence at a time once it hits the neck

might do this on the tank Im painting while its off  :clapping:
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i have been doing the same thing in exactly the same way for a few years now, don't laugh but i found this out on the honda c90 club, and yes i do love the c90 but it does have a very little tank and a hole can give another 0.5 lt on the c90.

Definitely maybe


Had I known this when I was commuting on the 1400 I would have been straight out there. My favourite feature on my ZZR1100 was the 24 litre tank.
May the sun be warm & shining and your roads be smooth & winding.


Yeah I can see just one issue with this in our climate, you may definitely want to ponder @Tony Nitrous

QuoteObviously you have the choice to fill to the normal level if you think your bike will be left in the sun.

Here in SE Qld we have a fair bit of that sun stuff.
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Tony Nitrous

Quote from: VladTepes on Monday, 25 September  2017, 02:25 PM

Yeah I can see just one issue with this in our climate, you may definitely want to ponder @Tony Nitrous

QuoteObviously you have the choice to fill to the normal level if you think your bike will be left in the sun.

Here in SE Qld we have a fair bit of that sun stuff.

Yes, fuel comes out of the underground tanks quite cool here.
Sat over a hot engine on a 35+ degree day its certainly going to expand.

I guess splitting the difference, putting some extra in but not filling to the brim,
and filling up and riding not sitting around parked up waiting it would be fine.
Even an extra 1ltr room for free is a good deal.


There is a small hole already in that location. I saw a wee stream of bubbles coming out of there yesterday when I filled up, didn't take much notice, now this thread.  So, I went out & had a look with the torch & yep, there it is, small air hole.
What I also noticed was grit in the tank!
Tank itself is fine so must be from the petrol! Why can't they filter it at the pump & clean those out instead of pumping the crud into our tanks & we have to change the filter cause of their 'dirty' fuel!!

Anyway, looks like I'll be cleaning the filters this summer, do I need a new gasket or is it a rubber re-useable thing?  I'd do the external HP filter mod as well, but I've got wiring & relays all over the place there & can't be arsed moving all that lot as well. It's not blocked at all, had a nice wee full throttle burst a couple of times yesterday & no complaints from her at all - or me!
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Hi Kiwicol..

There was no hole in mine!
It would have taken 20 minutes to fill the final 2 litres..
Now its very fast to fill totally to the brim!
Obviously I reduce the trigger pressure on the pump trigger for the final 2 litres but its still very quick compared to how it was.

Any 1mm breather hole is not practical for a quick fill up!



Yep, agreed on that, very small bubbles coming out.  With a decent size hole it'd be just normal speed fill.  I like the idea of getting it right to the top when I'm off on an extended ride.
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Tony Nitrous

I don't know what my tank holds.
A bit less than stock I guess?

I know there's a fuel gauge sender or something in the tank that clunks
on the side that can be annoying.


Tony Nitrous

Any job that involves me hitting something with a hammer gets my vote.

I'll get my special Suzuki tool kit at the ready....


Tony!!   You have to put warnings up before posting pic's like that!  Poor Barmy will have another stroke! Not to mention the damage it'll do to Red's eyes once he gazes upon that!  :lol:
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like the idea, love your tool kit Tony. ill watch n listen a bit further before i get the hammer n screwdriver out. 2 more litres is good for me.

Tony Nitrous

I only have a side stand so its a good point about doing it on the right and side... :onya:

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