Power Commander PC-V (& AutoTune) now fit for 2002-2007 GSX1400

Started by rollerfish01, Monday, 17 April 2017, 01:24 AM

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Quote from: Tony Nitrous on Tuesday, 02 August  2022, 04:33 AM
I guess if you haven't got one it's good there's still an up to date version being produced, however a PowerCommander has quite a limited amount of options on a 14 (as does an ECU flash) so I'm not sure how much you'd gain from going for 6 instead of a 3 or 5.   

I'd be interested to see a side by side comparison. Even if the 6 takes more recent auto-tune hardware would you really get worthy noticeable gains over a well mapped 3 ?   Not knocking the GSX but it's ECU is fairly basic.

Are the PC111 still available? I haven't been able to find one?


Are the PC111 still available - I haven't been able to find one?


Quote from: Fast1400 on Thursday, 04 August  2022, 07:48 AM
Are the PC111 still available - I haven't been able to find one?

Think it'll be 2nd hand now for a PC3, the 5 should be easier to get hold of
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I have installed the PC Autotune modul,  anyone know the best target AFR for the 14?
As std Dynojet tries to adjust to 13,8:1 on all throttle settings and rpms, and this target may be a little on the lean side?

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