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Battery Power

Started by Irish in Oz, Thursday, 15 September 2022, 10:46 PM

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Irish in Oz

Can't wait until Parkside release their electric motorbike.

Irish in Oz

The software won't let me flip it 90 degrees  :confused1:

Eric GSX1400K3

At least that way and with the cases closed the electrons won't leak out too much
I try to take one day at a time, however sometimes several days catch up with me at once.


Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!

steve porter

Speaking of Battery power, was putting new brakes on one of the cars a few weeks back so had it up on the hoist overnight, ignition wasn't on but had left the key in it, so maybe I left it accessory mode and dead flat battery next day, pulled out the Lithium jumpstarter which Slackly I hadn't looked at for six months ( instructions say recharge it every month) it was still showing 100% and started the car instantly, after starting the car it still showed 100% but I plugged it in anyway and the light flashed for a couple of seconds and turned solid indicating fully charged, pretty bloody impressive technology


They are impressive aren't they?

I've got one & used it on my xjr yesterday. I only wanted to power the car up so the button worked to open the boot, I needed to physically confirm the battery model before ordering a new one. Out of interest I pressed the boost button on the pack as the car battery was showing about 1.1v & it fired straight up like normal, bloody impressive on a four litre vee eight. First time it's ran since Feb too.

I really must get it sorted out, doesn't need much I just couldn't be bothered at the time & left it so long the battery died.

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