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Is it possible...Go to first unread post button

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To have a, "Go to first unread post button."
I think the old org had one, BikeMe does and the TwoWheels forum did as well.
Saves time, which is the main reason I stopped frequenting the old org, the time it took to load pages.
Gotta go to work now.
Have a great day.

It has one.. Under your Forum name and greeting.

No that's not quite what I meant, if I log into a thread, say the car driver one, which is at about four pages now, I need to scroll through till I find where I was up to.
A button to go to the first unread post in the thread I have open is what I mean.

No mate. Ive not seen any Forum with that.

It was on the old 1400 forum, I used it the whole time I was on it, very useful.


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