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Weird icons on forum

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As stated.

I have always had these "navigation" buttons.... On my Android phone ( running oreo) and using Chrome.

But i can not see the logic behind it. Lately this has started to bother me.

Hence the question :

- Do I need a additional "font" pack to fix it

Thanks for the reply

I get those as well Blubber.  I've got a Windows phone.  I think they're shortcuts to different parts of the forum, but I can never remember which & there's no help to say what they do.

Glad to hear it isn't just me ...  not getting the logics behind them  :onya:

My favourite is the forum button. 

Not sure about the logic though.

Because I don't use these buttons hardly at all, I don't know which button is the forum one.  I just scroll down down down until I find recent posts.


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