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Anyone having forum issues? (speed, posting etc)

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If so, please let me know and be as specific as possible regarding the problem.


Speed of loading pages & of posting.  Thought it was my laptop.  How to explain it . . . ?   Click reply & txt box opens, write reply & push either preview or post & it takes ages or gets 'stuck' half way through, leaving a blank page, sometimes with a header sometimes not. Sometimes it eventually goes through, others not.  Close programme & re-open it.  It's just started doing this the last day or so. I've shut down my laptop & re-booted but the same happens, not every time though.

The above post went through as normal - just to make a liar out of me.

My page lags when I post.. Especially if I add a photo..
I usually click on the "Forum" button and it all appears normally with my post displayed.

Update from me, reckon my issue is related to the laptop as it's affecting every programme.


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