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Using Opera browser and getting a lot of 'Cannot be reached 'messages when trying to go to link ( tried different links ) for site,have to try several times before site will open any suggestions?

@gsxbarmy   or @VladTepes

It may be because of all the built-in blockers that Opera use, but this is the first I've heard of anyone on here using this browser, so can't comment. @VladTepes or @Proteous might know more.

My interim suggestion would be to use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox whilst we investigate

I do use opera for some things and after investigation i am not finding any issues. That said i have opened up alot of the security with in opera. Turn on turbo mode, that might solve an issue or two.


I suspect it's an Opera problem, possibly particular to your setup.
I'm not aware of any forum issues which should cause problems with Opera.

Is this happening only with this site, or have you seen others affected?

Is this happening on your PC or your phone or both?

Is it Opera or Opera mini you are using?

What particular errors it causing? -
   blank screen?
   "Could not locate remote server."

Next time you are having these issues, try accessing each of these links separately and see what happens (so obviously you'll need to keep a record of these elsewhere for when you cant access the forum)

If the first one doesn't work, but the others do, open a support ticket with your ISP they should be able to fix it for you pretty easily.

Make sure that basic issues have been addressed -   
- Ensure that is white-listed (that is, always allowed)
- Log out, clear your browser cache and log in again (if you can)

Opera mini (and possibly Opera itself, not sure on that) has a 'compression' option. See if you can de-select it.

Keep in mind that Opera Mini doesn't load the website directly on your phone. It uses servers run by Opera to fetch and compress website contents before it gets to you. Depending on if there are DNS issues with your host (ISP), the length of time Opera's servers cache results, and many other factors, a short outage if you're accessing directly may be an extended outage because of how Opera Mini functions.

So it works in a different way to most other browsers and sometimes there can be issues between those Operas servers and your ISP; which may require you to open a support ticket with your ISP to resolve.

Opera has about a 2% market share of users, so its a comparatively small user base; relying largely on other users to help sort out problems.

Their forum might be a place worth asking, as well.

I suspect this small market share is due, in part, to problems like the one you describe.  A google search indicates you aren't alone and many others have had similar problems with accessing all sorts of sites.

I gather Opera itself is a decent browser and very configurable, but some functions are located in some pretty random places on the menus.. so it's not for everyone.

As others have suggested perhaps try an alternate browser and see if you like it.  My recommendations would be Firefox or Chrome.  Try both and see which you prefer.

Hope this helps.

Let us know how you get on.


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